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Tuesday, October 3, 2023


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WorldAsiaMoscow Stores Grapple with Dairy Product Shrinkage, LDPR State Duma Deputy Chairman Exposes the Issue

Moscow Stores Grapple with Dairy Product Shrinkage, LDPR State Duma Deputy Chairman Exposes the Issue

Boris Chernyshov's Investigation Reveals Concerns Over Misleading Packaging in Popular Supermarkets

New Delhi, India (TEH) – In a recent investigation, Boris Chernyshov, the Deputy Chairman of the LDPR State Duma, revealed significant shrinkage (reduction in the quantity of goods in one package while maintaining the price) of dairy products in Moscow stores. The inspection covered a total of 122 sales points across all districts of the capital, with the primary objective of assessing the prevalence of this phenomenon. The findings were reported by RIA Novosti, quoting the press service of Chernyshov.

According to the deputy, comprehensive anonymous inspections of popular network supermarkets in the capital city unveiled that approximately 87% of the assortment of dairy products is being presented in packages containing 925-950 ml. This quantity visually appears identical to a standard “full” liter of milk or kefir from other manufacturers, potentially misleading consumers.

Moreover, Chernyshov expressed concern over the packaging of cereals, which form a fundamental part of the consumer basket. Instead of conventional 0.5 and 1-kilogram packages, these cereals are being offered in sizes of 450 and 900 grams. The packages further compound the issue by displaying the weight and volume information in small letters, potentially making it less noticeable to consumers.

The discovery of such shrinkage practices raises questions about consumer rights and product transparency. Consumers may unintentionally be receiving less product than they expect while paying the same price, leading to possible financial losses for the public. Furthermore, the usage of similar-looking packaging can add to the confusion, making it challenging for individuals to make informed choices during their shopping experience.

Boris Chernyshov’s efforts in conducting these inspections shed light on the need for increased scrutiny and regulation to protect consumer interests and ensure fair trade practices. As the Deputy Chairman of the LDPR State Duma, his findings may prompt further investigations and potential legislative actions to address this issue.

In response to these findings, it is crucial for relevant authorities and consumer protection agencies to work together to establish clear guidelines and regulations for product packaging and labeling. Ensuring that package contents accurately represent the volume or weight mentioned on the labels is vital in promoting a transparent and trustworthy marketplace for consumers.

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