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Tuesday, October 3, 2023


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Conflicts, Military and War"Lancets," Microwave Rifle, and AK-12 Assault Rifle: Key Insights from Kalashnikov Concern's President

“Lancets,” Microwave Rifle, and AK-12 Assault Rifle: Key Insights from Kalashnikov Concern’s President

Modernization of the Iconic AK-12 Assault Rifle, Introduction of New Sniper Rifles, and Development of Drones Mark a New Era in Russian Military Technology

Moscow, Russia (TEH) – The President of JSC Concern Kalashnikov, Alan Lushnikov, has disclosed significant details about the modernization of the AK-12 assault rifle, ongoing work on drones, and the development of a new microwave sniper rifle in an exclusive interview with Russian media outlet Izvestia. The revelations have sparked interest in the defense community and shed light on Russia’s strategic military advancements.

New Kalashnikov Assault Rifle

The AK-12 assault rifle, which entered service with the Russian army prior to the initiation of a special operation, is now undergoing its third phase of modernization. Lushnikov emphasized that the focus of the upgrade is on “ergonomics.” The double shot switch, deemed unnecessary, is being removed, and a two-way translator of the fire mode is being implemented. The modified AK-12 is expected to be delivered in the second half of 2023, with the supply of sighting devices still under discussion.

Chukavin Sniper Rifle (SHF)

Kalashnikov has also completed the first serial delivery of the new Chukavin sniper rifle (SVCh), intended to replace the Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD). The SVCh is a semi-automatic rifle designed to operate at greater distances with enhanced accuracy. It also allows for the installation of various devices to aid the sniper’s work.

Weapons for Pilots

The concern is ready to equip pilots with modified weapons, including the Lebedev pistol and the Kalashnikov PPK-20 submachine gun of 9×19 caliber. Lushnikov praised the PPK-20 as “the pinnacle of design thought in the submachine gun segment.” Discussions are ongoing regarding the applicability of these weapons for flight crews.

Drones and Loitering Ammunition

Kalashnikov Concern is also engaged in the production and supply of loitering ammunition in the form of FPV drones. Lushnikov described them as “very cheap” and capable of carrying the necessary explosive charge. The development and modernization of these drones, including the Lancet drones and other Zala devices, have been carried out in close cooperation with the Ministry of Defense.

Future Developments

The concern is actively working on the integration of the Vikhr aviation guided missile into various carriers. However, Lushnikov cautioned that integration with a drone is “not a matter of tomorrow.” Such work requires collaboration with the chief designer of the rocket to understand its integration into specific aircraft.

The revelations by Alan Lushnikov highlight the innovative strides being made by Kalashnikov Concern in the field of military technology. The modernization of the AK-12 assault rifle, the introduction of new sniper rifles, and the development of drones and loitering ammunition underscore Russia’s commitment to maintaining a cutting-edge defense arsenal.

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