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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAmericasColombia: Héctor Mantilla proposes the creation of a public policy on alternative energies

Colombia: Héctor Mantilla proposes the creation of a public policy on alternative energies

With the participation of 6 of the 9 candidates for governor of Santander and 12 of the 14 candidates for mayor of Bucaramanga, the Industrial University of Santander began today the ISU Forums for the development of “Agendas territorial for governability, peace, coexistence and security of citizens.

In the morning, the 6 candidates for governor of Santander: Mauricio Quiñónez, Juvenal Díaz Mateus, José Domingo Cortés, Julián Silva Cala, Ferley Sierra and Héctor Mantilla, answered questions asked by ISU professors on three topics fundamental for the region: security. , education and energy transition.

Path to transition

As part of the academic forum “Territorial Agendas for Governance, Peace and Development”, motivated by the Industrial University of Santander UIS”the candidate for governor of Santander, Héctor Mantilla proposed the creation of a public policy on alternative energies with the support of the Departmental Assembly.

It also offers the creation of the Ministry of Mines and Energy Transition for the department, in order to centralize and optimize resources with a single mourner, because he considers that currently scattered efforts are being made for the development of the region.

“We must create a public alternative energy policy that allows us to bring together fundamental actors such as the ISU and other universities, Ecopetrol, ICP, among other public and private companies, it is a commitment that integrates the academia and the public, the creation of the Minas Secretariat gives us the opportunity to comprehensively plan the mining and energy development of Santander, the candidate for governor explained.

The meaning of dependence would be within the framework of the different productive activities carried out in the region, such as oil, mining and energy exploitation with an environmental and sustainable approach, which sets the tone for an energy transition and affects other activities.

“Listen, I proposed within the axis of the plan of the Metropolitan Government of Santander, the use of zero-emission transport alternatives, an impact that generates development, security, tourism and better mobility for the the future of Santander. There are many proposals, but I know that working together and through pain will lead to good results, Mantilla added.

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