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Improvised funeral pyres due to devastating coronavirus crisis in India

India's dramatic coronavirus crisis has forced crematoria in the capital New Delhi to build funeral pyres on the fly and against the clock, while...
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India completes Coronavirus vaccine Covaxin testing

India has embarked on a third and final phase of clinical vaccine trials against the coronavirus Covaxin. The drug was developed by Bharat Biotech...
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COVID-19, our most challenging teacher

According to some genetic studies of COVID-19 samples, scientists suggest that COVID-19 emerged in China a year ago. However, Chinese authorities only informed the...
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Three days before the elections, the United States registers a record of daily infections

The United States faces an acceleration of coronavirus infections three days before the presidential election, after registering in the last 24 hours a record...
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Is Health Insurance a Good Money Saving Strategy?

A health insurance policy can help you save lakhs of rupees that are spent on medical treatment every year. Moreover, by paying health insurance...
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COVID-19 – A Biological Weapon?

This article has been authored by Srishti Ray, a third-year B.A.LL.B student of National Law University and Judicial Academy, India in lieu of the...
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Japan to donate drug for coronavirus to Ukraine

The government approved the corresponding draft agreement between the governments of Ukraine and Japan, according to which Japan will provide Ukraine with medicine for...
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Trump’s Coronavirus – U.S. President Pledges Free Coronavirus Medicine

President of the United States of America Donald Trump spoke about the details of his treatment for coronavirus at the Walter Reed military hospital...
ountdown to know if Julio Navarro is the first

Countdown to know if Julio Navarro is the first from Santiago to win the...

He from Santiago Julio Navarro is nominated on the list of Citation Laureates, and it is one of the names that resonate to rise...
Customized and Effective Onsite Wound Care Lowers Patient Risk

Customized and Effective Onsite Wound Care Lowers Patient Risk

After weeks, and sometimes even months, some wounds simply do not heal. These wounds, often referred to as chronic wounds, require a little bit...

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