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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
WorldAsiaWhy are Belarusian builders in such demand in Russia?

Why are Belarusian builders in such demand in Russia?


According to Aleksey Shilo, head of the Department of Foreign Economic Activity of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of Belarus, Belarusian builders are competitive in Russia, their advantages, which customers appreciated, are the ability to build quickly, efficiently and on favorable terms.

Russia today remains the main direction of the Belarusian construction complex. Photo: Roman Shcherbenkov

In Russia, the number of facilities built by Belarusians is increasing. They, notes Aleksey Shilo, can and are ready to build objects of any category of complexity, since they have the full range of specialties:

  • To work in foreign markets, the government created “Belstroycenter-holding”, which includes 17 leading companies. This is about 15,000 qualified specialists providing almost all types of services. Including engineering services, industrial and civil construction, construction of turnkey facilities, engineering communications, landscaping, construction of railways and roads, bridges… The holding is armed with more than five thousand units of specialized equipment. The subsidiaries of the holding company are ISO 9001 certified.

Given the external economic situation, the expert notes, Russia today remains the main direction of the Belarusian construction complex. These are the border regions, the central, northwestern and southern federal districts of Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg. According to Aleksey Shilo, housing construction projects are being successfully implemented in the Kaluga, Kursk, Kaliningrad and Bryansk regions of St. Petersburg. Pre-contractual negotiations are underway with the administrations of several Russian regions.


p class=””>Belarusian specialists are also developing a niche in the construction of industrial facilities, a representative of the Ministry of Construction and Architecture points out:
– Our specialists are engaged in the construction of port infrastructure in the village of Ust-Luga in the Leningrad region, work is underway on the technical re-equipment of an oil refinery in the city of Kirishi and the construction of a new line of a cement plant in Chechnya.

Cooperation with the Kaluga and Voronezh regions concerns the construction of social and cultural facilities and residential buildings. With a high probability, Belarusians will also participate in the construction of facilities in the Voronezh region in 2023-2025. In particular, a kindergarten for 600 children. Most of the funding is supposed to come from the Russian budget.

The administration of the Bobrovsky municipal district of the Voronezh region discusses participation in the implementation of a project for the integrated development of rural settlements using street house kits “Newsprint Plant” to create a “Belarusian Quarter” . Now mansion projects are being developed with the factory.

Every year the government of Belarus approves a list of construction projects in Russia

Building profile design institutes have been preserved in Belarus, so the design sector will also become an important helper to increase exports.

The Ministry of Construction and Architecture, in turn, helps construction organizations to find orders. For this purpose, the Internet portal was created.

Every year, the government of Belarus approves a list of export facilities in Russia open to the participation of companies in the construction industry. The list is compiled by the Ministry on the basis of projects relevant to the regions of Russia and received within the framework of intergovernmental cooperation. In particular, this makes it possible to ensure the stable operation of enterprises of the Belarusian construction complex abroad.


One of the most successful and well-known projects built by builders from the Republic of Belarus in Russia today is a school building for 1000 students, which was built in the village of Medyn, 62 kilometers from Kaluga. By the way, this project is not the only one in the region: the Belarusians built the residential areas “Vesnushki”, “Prosto Kosmos”, “Anenki”, “Malinovka” here. But the school is a truly historic project, the opening ceremony of which on September 1, 2022 was attended by Belarusian Ambassador to Russia Dmitry Krutoy. The area of ​​the building is 30,000 square meters. M. They built a school in just two years using Belarusian materials – facade tiles, radiators. And even the elevators here are Belarusian! Students have two swimming pools. By the way, learning to swim at school is a compulsory subject.

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