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Mail “SOYUZ”: How to enroll a Russian child in Belarus in the first class KXan 36 Daily News



How to pay taxes to a craftsman in Belarus?

“For six months I have been living in the Krasnodar Territory, but for family reasons I have to return to Minsk. I will, as before, earn a living from handicrafts – I have been making designer leather goods for several years. I know that changes have been introduced in Belarus on the taxation of craftsmen. read more. Marina Somova, Anapa”.

Last year, the craft tax rate was 62 Belarusian rubles, and this amount was paid in one go for the entire calendar year of work. From January 1, 2023, craftsmen were transferred to monthly payments of 6 rubles (about 2 dollars equivalent). This scheme will be valid until June 30 of this year.

From July 1, individuals will be able to pay a fee for handicrafts if they receive an appropriate decision from the local authorities, i.e. if they can prove that their activity is related to handicrafts. The others will pay income tax. This is a new type of taxation, which began to operate in Belarus this year. It is only accessible to individuals, you can voluntarily switch to the NAP for the self-employed (and from July 1 – for certain craftsmen). To pass the NPA, you do not need to go anywhere, get certificates from an individual entrepreneur. Just install the app and register.

The rate for everyone is 10%. For those whose monthly income exceeds 60,000 Belarusian rubles, the rate is 20%. For retirees, the rates are lower – 4 and 8 percent, respectively.
People registering for the NAP for the first time receive a tax deduction in the amount of 2000 Belarusian rubles, that is, your first 2000 earned will not be taxed.

You must make a deposit earned through the app after each sale and receipt of funds. This information is forwarded to the tax office. Until the 10th of the following month, the application will display the amount of tax to be paid by the 22nd.

An important advantage of the professional income tax is that it is deducted from the Social Security Fund – 6% of the tax. This means that you are going to experience and a future pension is being formed. Those who pay crafting fees can still voluntarily transfer pension contributions to the Social Security Fund – this is not necessary. But from July 1, craftsmen are in any case subject to compulsory retirement social insurance.

How do I confirm artisan status to continue paying the artisan fee from July 1? In Minsk, this can be done in district administrations, for which special commissions will be created. One of the important criteria that will be considered when confirming the status of artisan is that your product must be unique, you must prove that you create original and creative works. But even that is not enough. It is important that your profession develops Belarusian culture, preserves and improves folk traditions of manual labor.


How much does a flight from Belarus to the Arctic capital cost?

“I have long dreamed of seeing the beauty of the Arctic. I saw information that you can fly from Minsk on a direct flight to Murmansk. How much does such a flight cost? Andrei Valevatykh, Mogilev.”

Belavia Airlines will operate the first scheduled flight from Minsk to Murmansk on May 23.

This was reported by the press service of the air carrier. Flights are scheduled to be carried out on Tuesdays: departure from Minsk – at 10:15 a.m., arrival in Murmansk – at 13:00 p.m. Return flights from Murmansk International Airport will be operated at 2:00 p.m., arrival in Minsk is scheduled for 4:40 p.m.

The cost of a one-way flight is set at 134 euros, and two-way – 244 euros, but keep in mind that this is the LIGHT fare. This means that the flight can cost a lot more.

The Belavia press service clarified that the passengers will travel in this direction on an Embraer 195 aircraft. The flight to the Arctic will take three hours.

How can a Russian child be enrolled in first grade in Belarus?

“My husband was invited to work in Minsk. We are moving next month. What documents are needed to enroll my son in first grade? Alla Kirillova, Smolensk.”

The admission of children to the first years of schools and gymnasiums will be carried out this year without major changes, noted the education committee of the Minsk city executive committee.

Traditionally, a certain microdistrict is assigned to each school: the child must go to the educational institution to which he belongs by registration. Documents must be submitted from June 12 to August 15. But if the parents want another school or another gymnasium, the procedure becomes a little more complicated.

“After June 12, in a personal meeting with the school director, they submit an application for admission of children to vacant places,” said Lyudmila Borisenko, first deputy chairperson of the committee of the education of the executive committee of the city of Minsk. In this case, the first year student will be enrolled in school from August 16 to 28.

In Belarus, a child can go to school from the age of 6 (at a later age – at the request of parents). But a five-year-old child can also enter first grade if he is six years old in that calendar year. The list of documents to be submitted to the school is as follows: a request addressed to the director of one of the child’s legal representatives (written at the school); birth certificate of the child (original and copy); a health certificate from a medical institution; the conclusion of the Correctional and Developmental Education and Rehabilitation Center on the training program (if applicable).

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