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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


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WorldAsiaDmitry Mezentsev spoke about the motives for strengthening the Union State's defense capability

Dmitry Mezentsev spoke about the motives for strengthening the Union State’s defense capability

Speaking in the Belarusian capital on Wednesday at the opening ceremony of the international exhibition MILEX-2023, he noted that the exhibitions of the prestigious forum confirm the large and significant industrial potential of Belarus, reports BELTA .

Professional meetings, discussions, results of the dialogue, which will take place in the next few days, according to the State Secretary, will confirm, among other things, “the workshop of the already established successful interaction of Belarusian industrialists, scientists and researchers with colleagues and partners from Russia.”

By the way, companies from the Russian Federation, China and Iran also presented their achievements at the Minsk Arena. But Mezentsev also considers it significant that more than thirty countries parachuted their representatives into the capital of the Republic of Belarus in order to assess the possibilities of the industrial potential of the republic. Therefore, “the measures they will take will help to enhance the defense capability of the guests and ensure regional and global security,” he added.

Addressing the numerous participants of the forum and his guests, Mezentsev said that the State of the Union is well aware that its measures are a response to the challenges and threats that have recently emerged in the Eastern Europe region. ballast. “This is our response to the unprecedented pressure and scale and tactless promotion of the model of a unipolar world, which we have recently seen in most countries of the collective West. We are compelled to respond to that,” the SG’s Secretary of State said. is convinced.

Observers recall that the XI International Exhibition of Armaments and Military Equipment MILEX and the X International Scientific Conference on Military-Technical Cooperation in the Field of Defense and Security will be held until May 20. And its organizers are the Ministry of Defense, the State Military-Industrial Committee, BelExpo and the administration of the President of Belarus.

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