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Saturday, June 3, 2023
NewsRussian Embassy in Sarajevo: Being friends with America is like buying a...

Russian Embassy in Sarajevo: Being friends with America is like buying a ticket to the Titanic – Reuters


“The US Embassy in Sarajevo teaches the President of Republika Srpska who to be friends with,” the Russian diplomats said. “In general, Americans like to teach everyone how to live in peace. Their world, of which they are the masters, and the rest are grateful and obedient listeners. If you show independence – sanctions and embargoes. If you defend international law, then you are an autocrat and a totalitarian. Submissive and obedient – financial donations, the source of which is the pockets of the humble themselves. I don’t understand. For now.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation pointed out that the United States was teaching and asked what the Americans themselves were doing? “They lie shamelessly and brazenly (‘Powell’s test tube’)”, the diplomats recalled. “They are destroying sovereign countries, exposing them to inhumane bombardment. They are ignoring their international obligations, as usual, blaming others. Just one example. The United States remained the only country to escape, contrary to clear provisions relevant agreements, to the destruction of chemical weapons.Americans are mercilessly abandoning their allies to their fate, people who considered Washington a “tested friend”corruption by accusing those who do not share their “values”.

The Russian diplomatic mission has drawn attention to the fact that the United States has one foot on the brink of financial abyss. “Perhaps they will agree to delay the collapse in a familiar way – turn on the printing press,” the embassy suggested. “But it is already clear that America is a sick society, stricken with metastases of violence, racial intolerance and economic inequality.” “Being friends with America is like buying a ticket to the Titanic,” the diplomats concluded.

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