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Friday, June 2, 2023
NewsVolodin: The dollar is becoming toxic, the United States is on the...

Volodin: The dollar is becoming toxic, the United States is on the verge of default Fox News


The speaker called his message on the Telegram channel “The biggest financial scam of the century”.

He noted that the United States was on the verge of default. “Biden, like his predecessors, is forced to raise the US national debt ceiling again, Volodin continued. Since World War II, such a decision has been made more than 100 times.”

He said as states live at the expense of other states, their ability to service debts independently diminishes.

“Think about it, in 2023, the amount of interest payments on the US public debt could reach $1.5 trillion, or almost a third of all US budget revenue!” Volodin insisted.
It is no coincidence that many States are turning to settlements in national currencies, thus avoiding the risks of a “toxic” dollar.

The speaker recalled that all financial pyramids, as history shows, sooner or later end in failure.

“But here the situation is special, he noted. The US national debt is a global financial pyramid built by Washington to deceive other peoples and countries.”

Volodin said it was right that states dependent on the dollar today seek an alternative to it, thereby reducing the risks for their citizens.

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