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Friday, September 29, 2023


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WorldAsiaSergei Lavrov visited Burundi for the first time. How the Russian minister was met

Sergei Lavrov visited Burundi for the first time. How the Russian minister was met

However, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry could not stay on track for long for another reason. The first part of the talks with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Burundi, Albert Shingiro, began directly at the airport, by the way, the only one in the country with an asphalt runway. He met the distinguished guest at the bridge, the ministers spoke briefly in the presidential terminal before going to the Kiriri Garden Hotel, where most of the talks between the foreign ministers took place. It should be noted that in Burundi, great attention has been paid to the safety of the distinguished guest. Police, gendarmes, soldiers were placed up to the hotel. Their number was measured, perhaps, in the hundreds.

“Today is a historic event for Burundi, as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is visiting our country for the first time in the sixty-year history of our diplomatic relations,” Shingiro said, commenting on such attitude. towards Lavrov in the country. Shingiro himself, like many of his predecessors, went to Russia, his visit was in March, and then he flew to Sochi.

And now Lavrov has paid a return visit. According to the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, he was delighted to visit this beautiful country, “to feel the kindness and hospitality of the Burundian people”. “Our talks (with Shingiro) were confidential and substantial, touched on almost every area of ​​our interaction,” the minister said. According to him, the foreign ministers positively assessed the measures taken by our countries, for example, cooperation in the field of atomic energy. As Lavrov pointed out, the preparation of an intergovernmental agreement in this area, a memorandum on the training of personnel for nuclear energy, is at the final stage. Within the framework of the second Russia-Africa summit to be held in July, a number of other agreements should also be signed, they will affect education, health, energy and jurisprudence, underlined for his part Shingiro.

Russia and Burundi also have the same approaches on the international agenda, in particular on the question of the need to eliminate injustice. According to Lavrov, our countries uphold respect for the United Nations Charter, the principle of sovereign equality of states, which is violated by the United States and its allies. Moscow and Bujumbura are in favor of a reform of the UN Security Council because of the insufficient representation within it of the countries of the South, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Lavrov hailed Burundi’s contribution to securing peace on the continent. The African country “plays an active role in promoting peacekeeping initiatives, works in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, Sudan. It should be noted that at the time Lavrov was at the airport in Bujumbura, a plane of the Burundian army which took part in the mission in Somalia lands there.

During the talks, the Ukrainian crisis could not be ignored. According to Shingiro, most African countries are neutral on this issue. “Burundi is a supporter of solutions, not problems. We have chosen a position of neutrality,” said the head of the republic’s foreign ministry. “We highly appreciate Burundi’s balanced position, we appreciate a good understanding of the reasons behind what is happening in Ukraine,” Lavrov noted for his part. According to him, “these reasons are rooted in the West’s use of the Kiev regime to create threats to Russian security directly at our borders and to destroy the legitimate rights of people who want to remain involved in the Russian language, in Russian culture”. .” The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry drew attention to the fact that the Kiev regime has long since switched to openly terrorist methods. There is no doubt about it.

“The West’s statement that weapons supplied to Kyiv should not be used against the territory of the Russian Federation is another lie,” Lavrov said. “Well, regarding the threats against the Russians, we also told our friends today how we perceive this situation. The threats to kill Russians have come from the mouths of many officials of the Kiev regime, including including the secretary of the Security Council, including the adviser to the head of the administration Zelenskyy, including several ambassadors of Ukraine abroad,” the minister said. And support for the Kyiv regime after such remarks testifies to one thing: “The West directly supports the genocide,” Lavrov concluded.

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