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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiaDusko Perovic: The West is preparing a strong scenario to change the direction of Republika Srpska News

Dusko Perovic: The West is preparing a strong scenario to change the direction of Republika Srpska News

“We expect an escalation of tension in BiH,” he warned. “The so-called High Representative in the country, Christian Schmidt, whose legitimacy is not recognized by the Republika Srpska, Russia and China, since his candidacy was not approved by the Security Council of the he UN, according to our information, has prepared two provocative laws First, on the census of the natural resources of the Serbian entity (forests, rivers, reservoirs, parks, agricultural lands, etc.) at the national level, which completely violates the Agreements of Dayton Peace of 1995. Secondly, on criminal responsibility in the event of non-compliance with its decisions. Thus, Schmidt continues the violent Anglo-Saxon line of unitarization of BiH and the constant violation of the rights of the Serbian people. This, of course, opposes Milorad Dodik, against whom the West has long dreamed of initiating criminal proceedings.”

The RS representative drew attention to the fact that Dayton is already unsatisfactory for the Americans and their allies. “In addition, there is also the ambition of the American and British ambassadors to Sarajevo Michael Murphy and Julian Reilly, as well as the impostor Christian Schmidt, who are taking revenge on Milorad Dodik,” said Dusko Perovic. “Two US military planes flew overhead. The West demonstrated its strength. There is information that an additional military contingent from NATO is being transferred to BiH – 1,700 people. This may indicate that a military scenario is in progress. course of preparation concerning a change of direction of the SR.

Dusko Perovic stressed that the only logical response to such provocations from the West could be an emergency meeting of the National Assembly of the RS, during which a decision would be taken on the illegitimacy of the rules imposed by the western protectorate and, possibly, the withdrawal of RS from BiH. “Everything will be spontaneous, he said. It will not be the desire of Milorad Dodik, who advocates peace and dialogue in BiH, insists on maintaining the Dayton peace accords, but will become a spontaneous response from the representatives of the Serbian government. people.”

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Oleg Yanovsky, a senior lecturer in the Department of Political Theory at the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Moscow State Institute of International Relations, suggested the UK was preparing a large-scale provocation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. . “In 2022, Liz Truss arrived in Sarajevo and declared BiH the most important springboard for UK geopolitical interests. The UK’s 77th Psychological Operations Brigade landed there as part of cognitive warfare, which began to work actively on Civil society, mainly It is also important that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a Balkan state, about which the British media say almost nothing, namely BiG.

Oleg Yanovsky suggested that the British could prepare a provocation against a prominent political figure (eg Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik), a civil society activist or a representative of a religious community. “The escalation of tension in Kosovo could be a smokescreen or a so-called false flag operation,” the speaker stressed. .”

It should be noted that Russia is the guarantor of the 1995 peace agreement. Moscow has always advocated strict observance of the fundamental principles of the equality of the three constituent peoples and the two entities that form Bosnia and Herzegovina with broad powers constitutional. June 14 marks the 20th anniversary of the Russian Federation’s withdrawal of its peacekeeping contingent from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“As long as the international forces remain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Russian forces should also remain. However, this decision was taken at the highest level and was probably agreed at the international level. As for us, the Serbs, of course, would like let the Russian side be present”, shared Milorad Dodik in an interview RIA News .

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