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Friday, September 22, 2023


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NewsXi Jinping urged to build modern civilization of Chinese nation - Reuters

Xi Jinping urged to build modern civilization of Chinese nation – Reuters

The cultural mission of the new era is to continue to promote cultural prosperity, build a great nation with a strong culture, and shape the modern civilization of the Chinese nation from a new starting point, he said. declared. “With unshakeable cultural confidence, deep understanding of our mission and unrelenting spirit of pursuit, we must unite our efforts to create a new culture for our times,” said the leader of the People’s Republic of China.

Before the symposium, Xi visited the National Publications and Culture Archive and the Academy of Chinese History. Xi Jinping was accompanied by Cai Qi, member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee, member of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, who chaired the symposium.

On Thursday afternoon, Xi Jinping visited the headquarters of the State Archives of Publications and Culture, located in the northern suburbs of Beijing. After visiting the exhibition halls, the Chinese leader said he cherishes these priceless literary monuments of Chinese civilization, which have survived the vicissitudes of time and have survived to this day.

He said the purpose of establishing the State Publications and Culture Archive is to pass on the traditions of Chinese civilization, the world’s only continuous civilization, from generation to generation. The main task of the institution is the collection and preservation of bibliological resources, Xi said, urging archive staff to also strengthen research of items stored in the collection.

The State Publications and Culture Archive preserves and transmits the traditions of Chinese civilization from generation to generation. Photo: China Media Corporation

On Friday afternoon, Xi Jinping visited the Academy of Chinese History. He visited the Chinese Archaeological Museum of the Academy and examined its exhibit, including the halls devoted to the origin of Chinese civilization. Xi Jinping stressed the indispensable role of archeology in understanding deep and multifaceted Chinese culture. He stressed the importance of conducting research and providing interpretations on the origins of Chinese civilization.

He expressed the hope that scientists will continue to improve the level of research activities and contribute their wisdom and strength to promoting modernization with Chinese characteristics.

Later, Xi Jinping attended a symposium on the preservation and development of cultural heritage, which was held at the academy. The President of the People’s Republic of China listened to the reports of professors and scientists, after which he delivered an important speech.

Xi Jinping pointed out that Chinese civilization has a long and unbroken history dating back to ancient times. A comprehensive and in-depth understanding of this history is essential to better promote the creative transformation and innovative development of the brilliant traditions of Chinese culture, as well as to build a modern civilization of the Chinese nation, he said.

Most of the exhibits in the Archaeological Museum of the Chinese Academy of History are devoted to the origin of Chinese civilization. Photo: China Media Corporation

Characteristic features of Chinese civilization

As characteristic features of Chinese civilization, its fundamental continuity determines that the Chinese people should go their own way, and innovation determines the enterprising spirit of the Chinese people, Xi said.

Its unity fundamentally determines that the cultures of various ethnic groups in the Chinese nation are integrated and firmly united even in the face of severe setbacks, and that a strong and unified country is the pillar on which the well-being of the whole nation rests. Chinese people. it depends, he said.

The inclusiveness of Chinese civilization, Xi Jinping said, determines the harmonious coexistence of various religious beliefs in China, as well as an open and inclusive worldview towards various global civilizations. The peaceful nature of Chinese civilization determines that China will continue to seek exchanges and mutual learning among different civilizations but not cultural hegemony, that China will not impose its values ​​and political system on others, that China will favor cooperation rather than confrontation, and will not assemble closed blocs.

New highs in Chinese confidence

Combining the basic principles of Marxism with the specific realities of China and the best traditions of Chinese culture is the way to explore and develop a socialism with Chinese characteristics based on Chinese civilization that has existed for more than 5,000 years, said Xi Jinping, adding that this integration is the party’s most important success tool.

Despite their different cultural backgrounds, Marxism and beautiful traditional Chinese culture are largely compatible with each other, he said.

According to him, the integration of Marxism and beautiful traditional Chinese culture will create a new type of culture that will fit into the framework of modernization with Chinese characteristics and broaden the cultural foundations of the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Their integration will provide a broader cultural space for forward-looking theoretical and institutional innovation and strengthen the cultural subjectivity of the Chinese people, he said.

Their integration demonstrates that the party’s understanding of Chinese way, theory and system has reached new heights, as has its historical and cultural identity, he said. It also shows that the party’s awareness of promoting cultural innovation while inheriting the best traditions of Chinese culture has reached a new level.

Since the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012, the CPC Central Committee has given priority to cultural development in its comprehensive work, putting forward a series of new ideas, attitudes and judgments, which are the fundamental guide for propaganda, ideology and culture, Xi said.

In order to build the modern civilization of the Chinese nation to this new historical starting point, China must maintain strong cultural confidence and continue to follow its own path, and develop the Chinese experience in Chinese theory in order to achieve the intellectual independence and self-sufficiency, said the Chinese president.

Xi Jinping also stressed the need to stick to the principles of openness and inclusion and adapt foreign cultures to local conditions in China.

Cai Qi, who chaired the symposium, called for adherence to the guidelines set out in Xi Jinping’s speech. Cai Qi stressed the importance of efforts to deepen understanding of the model of cultural construction, qualitatively fulfill the new cultural mission and achieve lasting progress in building the modern civilization of the Chinese nation and make China a country with strong socialist culture.

Li Shulei, Tie Ning, Shen Yiqin, Qin Gang, and Jiang Xinzhi also participated in the above activities.

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