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Thursday, September 21, 2023


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WorldAsiaHow the tasks of ensuring the food security of citizens are carried out within the framework of the Union...

How the tasks of ensuring the food security of citizens are carried out within the framework of the Union State

It is this very synergy of interaction that Presidents Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin talked about during the talks in Moscow in February 2023, on economic cooperation within the framework of the Union State. Belarus and Russia are partners, not competitors, in solving this important problem, Natalya Kireyenko, head of the department of the Institute for advanced studies and personnel retraining of the State Technical Agrarian University Belarusian, shared his opinion with SOYUZ:

  • Food security in the State of the Union is ensured on an equal basis. We are not in competition, but we complement each other through our specializations. When it comes to most types of food, Belarus not only satisfies domestic demand, but also has good export potential. And this allows you to cover the regions of Russia quite widely and sell your products…

For more effective cooperation in the state of the Union, draws the attention of the expert, a lot of work is being done to implement a single agrarian policy:

  • The unified agrarian policy of the Union State aims to harmonize the legislation of the two countries in the field of agriculture, eliminate administrative barriers, increase the volume of mutual trade in agricultural products in order to increase the availability of agricultural products in the common market and increase producers’ profits. The unified agrarian policy carried out today requires the improvement of regulatory and legal conditions and of financial and economic orientations. The informational and digital aspects are also important.

The programs for the development of the agro-industrial complex implemented within the framework of the Union State will ensure import substitution in mechanics, seed production and animal husbandry

Natalya Kireenko is convinced that the new programs for the development of the agro-industrial complex implemented within the framework of the State of the Union will ensure import substitution in the field of mechanical engineering, seed production and of breeding. It is necessary to actively develop new directions in the agro-industrial complex. We are talking about organic farming, the digitization of agriculture, the development of common infrastructures.

Step by step

The implementation of the trade union program for the formation of a unified agrarian policy is proceeding according to schedule. This was stated by the parliamentarians at the recent meeting of the Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia. 11 points out of 18 have already been completed. The others are under active development. On six issues, a regulatory framework has been partially developed within the framework of the EAEU, and regulations have been adopted by Belarus.
According to Alla Lomakina, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, the relevant departments of the two countries adopted a memorandum on the implementation of common directions and priorities for the scientific and technical development of the agriculture in the State of the Union, an instruction has also been drawn up on the forecast balances of supply and demand, and the procedure for exchanging information on fruit and vegetable producers has been approved. There is also a procedure for interaction when introducing and lifting temporary restrictions on the supply of plant and animal products. The concept of an “Aquaculture” Bill has also emerged, which is currently under consideration by the Ministry of Justice. Under discussion – the legislative framework for the safety of genetic engineering activities.

smart farm

One of the key items on the agenda of the commission meeting was the creation of the “Smart Farm-SG” program. It is expected that after the implementation of the program (and it includes, among other things, the creation of machines, technologies, equipment for modern livestock management based on digital developments), the period of lactation of cows , for example, will increase to 4 -5 years, and milk yields will be more than 9,000 liters per year for one animal.
Nikolai Shevchuk, Chairman of the Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia on Agrarian Issues, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus on Agrarian Policy, s We are confident that this Union program will bring together the best proposals from Belarusian and Russian scientists and practitioners:

  • Equipment for milking, feeding, caring for animals has taken a big step forward. Imported samples are expensive to maintain. The sanctions pushed us to create our own machines – there are technologies and evolutions. You have to move forward and not be afraid to develop. In addition, reducing the cost of equipment will reduce the cost of products without losing quality. This is important for promotion and competitiveness on third country markets.

Comprehensive knowledge platform

The Union State also plans to develop additional vocational training in the agro-industrial complex. Executives and specialists from agricultural businesses in both countries will be able to improve their skills and exchange experiences without interrupting their work on the basis of a unique and innovative educational and scientific platform.

Nikolai Shevchuk said that to ensure the food security of the SG, it is very important to launch products on the markets of third countries. And this requires a retraining of personnel:
– That is why we are working with our Russian colleagues on proposals for the development of a program for the development and improvement of vocational education and specialists of the Union State agro-industrial complex on the basis of a unique innovative educational and scientific platform. I am convinced that a person should have access to new knowledge without interrupting work, exchange experiences and learn from representatives of leading companies.

The program includes the creation of a joint center for the development of additional professional training of the SG, the purchase of equipment for two new laboratories for the digitization of the branches of the industrial complex of the SG and for radiology and spectrometry . In addition, there are plans to create multifunctional classrooms with support for videoconferencing and to modernize the classrooms.

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