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Friday, September 22, 2023


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NewsIn the wake of the sensational plane crash in Colombia: stories of a miraculous rescue Fox News

In the wake of the sensational plane crash in Colombia: stories of a miraculous rescue Fox News

On May 1, they flew with their mother in a Cessna 206 from Araraquara to San José del Guaviare. But the engine failed in flight. This was reported by the pilot, who filed an emergency signal.

The plane crashed in a dense jungle. Its fragments were only found after 370 hours. The bodies of three deceased adults were also found, but the children were not at the scene.

But, according to media reports, rescuers found something like a tent made of folded leaves. This indicated that the children could be saved. Which, fortunately, was confirmed. They are dehydrated, suffered from insect bites. But are alive.

The history of aviation knows many cases when people managed to survive the most monstrous disasters. Even if the chance of salvation was one in a million. Let’s just talk about a few.
On June 20, 2011, a Tu-134 crashed near Petrozavodsk. There were 52 people on board. We flew at night, the visibility was bad. During the landing approach, the plane hit a 50-meter pine. Seconds later, he was torn to pieces. Five survived. One of them is Alexandra Kargopolova. Thrown out of the hut by a monstrous force, she fell on arable land. It saved a life.

On August 12, 1985, a Japan Airlines Boeing 747 flying from Tokyo to Osaka crashed in the mountains of Japan. One of the greatest disasters in the world. There are 524 passengers and crew on the plane. 12 minutes after takeoff, the tail of the car detached. With incredible efforts, the pilots held out for another 32 minutes …. The rescuers did not even hope to see the survivors. Especially since they were shocked when they discovered four of them at once. including two children.

On August 16, 1989, a Northwest Airlines DC-9 took off from Detroit Airport. There are 154 people on board. Among them is 4-year-old Cecilia Sichan, who flew with her parents and older brother. On takeoff, the plane began to rock. It hit the lighting mast, part of the left wing broke off. The DC-9 went down. Little Sessilia, badly fractured and burned, is the only one to have managed to escape. She underwent four operations.

On August 24, 1981, 20-year-old student Larisa Savicka was returning from her honeymoon with her husband Vladimir. We flew on An-24 from Komsomolsk-on-Amur to Blagoveshchensk. Above the town of Zavitinsky at an altitude of 5200 meters, the plane collided with a Tu-16 bomber. Larisa is the only one of the 38 people who survived. For eight minutes, she fell from a height of 5200 meters onto a wreckage of an airplane 3 meters wide and 4 meters long. I spent two days before the rescuers arrived. Doctors found that she had a concussion, spinal injuries and broken bones. Then they wrote that compensation for relatives of the victims amounted to 300 rubles. Larisa received… 75 rubles. Because she survived.

On January 26, 1972, a Yugoslav DC-9 exploded at an altitude of 10,160 meters. He was torn to pieces. In the middle section was 22-year-old flight attendant Vesna Vulovich. Along with the debris, she fell into the forest, which softened the blow. Vesna spent 27 days in a coma and 16 months in hospital. But she survived.
On January 11, 1995, a DC-9-14 flew from Bogota to Cartagena with 47 passengers and 5 crew on board. On approach to land, the aircraft crashed into a swamp. Erica Delgado, 9, was thrown from the plane. She walked away with a broken arm. No one else was saved.

On June 30, 2009, a Yemeni A-310 flew from Paris to the Comoros. There were 153 people on board, including 13-year-old Bahia Bakari. Minutes before landing, the plane crashed into the Indian Ocean. Bahiya was thrown through the illuminator. With bruises and a broken collarbone, she managed to scale one of the wrecks left afloat. The girl spent 9 hours on it.


Valery Shelkovnikov, President of the ICAA “Flight Safety”, member of the World Aviation Safety Foundation:

  • Aviation experts have long explored the question of which is the safest seat on an airplane. And they unequivocally say: there is no such recommendation.

They analyzed all flight modes – from takeoff to landing and taxiing. What do the experts recommend? First – take direct routes. Since the beginning of aviation, 50-60% of all aviation accidents have occurred during the approach and landing phases. This is the most difficult and dangerous part of the flight.


p class=””>You need to choose big planes. It’s safer than flying with little ones. On board, you must always listen as carefully as possible to the information of the flight personnel: how to behave, where the emergency exits are, the oxygen bag, etc.

Be sure to buckle up: it’s a guarantee against trouble when you strike up a small talk. Smoke is a serious obstacle on the way to salvation. Therefore, the best way to get your bearings is to count the number of rows of seats to the nearest exit when landing. Then, in case of an accident, you can find the exit of the plane by touch. Never get drunk on a plane! Drunk – will not be saved.

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